Bachelor’s, Master’s Theses: Tips for Writing

START – If you have not yet started writing your bachelor or master thesis, start!

CLICK ON – Read, Interested, and Take a Look at Your Theme. Read articles, comments, magazines, and reports – on average 10-15 such publications per week. In this way, you will accumulate enough material to write your work in a month, and read the articles will be in your head – you will begin to see them as a seamless system.

SEE FOLLOW – Be interested in other areas of your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis. A little look at the country can lead to different / new ideas and / or to avoid unpleasant duplication with already written works or ideas. It is advisable to read other Bachelor’s or Master’s theses at the very beginning so that you will forget them a bit and keep the essence in mind. This will avoid the temptation to use the parts of the works later and will not bind to the style and structure of the readings.

ATTENTION – Carefully choose methods, analyzes, ideas, motivation and adaptation – know exactly what you want to say about your work and why you want to say it. Successful work is a well-planned job, so consider the entire work structure thoroughly: all parts must be logical, work must be consistent. Think about whether the methods you choose will work to reveal certain patterns. After hurrying to plan a job, you risk putting a lot more work into your bachelor or master work.

USE – Use the suggestions, analyzes, and works created by your predecessors who wrote this topic.

UNIQUE – Do not accept the merits of other authors. Cite them and quote them consistently according to the citation rules. Your work will be much more valuable and serious if you give a tribute to authors who have already written your topic. Find out how other authors cite the same thoughts in their other works – to find out if you are interpreting their thoughts correctly. In addition, citing other authors, you will avoid the possibility of being suspicious of plagiarism. The most important thing here is not to overpower: the work that is too much quoted will look like a conspiracy of thoughts and will be unsuitable for defense.

DO NOT PROTECT – It is very easy to become attached and attached to what has already been done, but there may be many more generous ideas in the process of writing a job. Implement them!

REMEMBER – When you seem to have finished writing your final bachelor or master thesis, you can be sure that at least half of you have already written. The teacher will definitely leave their comments, which are likely to be a lot. So, plan more time for the end of work writing.

Now generate your original ideas in your head. Be creative, flexible, innovative! Good luck!