The author of the best Master’s thesis advises on how to write a successful scientific work

November 23 Julija Grigorjevaitė, a PhD student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences at Vilnius University, was awarded the Best Master’s Degree in Physical Sciences at the Kaunas Historical Presidency. The highest score was given to the bachelor’s thesis, and the Lithuanian Young Scientists’ Union (LJMS) award for the master’s thesis was not a surprise. Grigorjevaite says that she cannot succeed by following a few simple rules and working consistently.

Discipline and consistency

According to J. Grigorjevaitė, currently studying in doctoral studies, it is easy to be perfectionist when it comes to setting shorter terms than the ones you are really impressed with. After all, it would be naive to write a master’s thesis in a month. That’s why she gave her a few weeks earlier than she needed. What did you get from that?

“Nothing left for the last minute. This avoids unnecessary stress for anyone. It’s easier when I know that even if I am wrong I will have time to fix it, ”says the interlocutor.

On the other hand, she does not hide the fact that the best practice is writing scientific publications. This helps to clarify the structure and logic of scientific work, so the Master’s thesis does not seem so terrible.

Ambition to do the best possible

The awarded work of J. Grigorjevaitė is about the synthesis and optical research of luminescent materials. There is a wide range of applications for such materials, with a wide range of studies in these labs, but Julia has chosen to deliver only a part of her master’s thesis. Its work includes the introduction of luminescent materials that can be used to produce safety pigments. Security pigments protect goods, money or documents against counterfeiting. These safety pigments are invisible in daylight and can be seen under ultraviolet light. A similar topic was explored by the interlocutor while writing his bachelor’s thesis. So he had a lot of work and consistently worked on the knowledge of luminescent materials.

According to a student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, some consider successful work as a positive assessment and the ability to defend it, while others fail to regard three grammatical mistakes in a master’s thesis written in English. She wants to write her work as best as she can, and the highest rating is the result. If there is no ambition, any self-imposed effort will risk becoming fruitless.

“It is important to match and unmatch someone standing next to you, but to set yourself a goal – to write a job perfectly. When this goal is, there is a plan for achieving that goal. The role of the work supervisor becomes important here, ”J. Grigorjevaitė says.

Constructive cooperation with the supervisor

It is not important whether there is a good agreement with your supervisor, but whether you can get constructive criticism and help from it. Sometimes proper criticism can be a great motivation for improvement. Dr. Grigorjevaitė Bachelor, Master, and now Ph.D. document.

“The final written work is already the result of the lessons learned and the work done. The supervisor teaches how to work in the laboratory, to conduct research, to design the results, and the student shows what he / she has learned in the final thesis. The biggest contributor to a job is to write that job. For four years, the supervisor has developed a demanding attitude for himself, ”says the author of the scientific articles.

For the ninth time, LJMS has been organizing the best Master’s work competition. This year, 66 papers were submitted for evaluation, recommended by scientific institutions, in six areas: biomedical (7), physical (10), humanities (6), social (18), technology (21), agriculture (4).

Master’s thesis was evaluated by 55 European scientists working in European universities and research institutes.